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Hi, I am Saylee!

I'm a photographer based in Mumbai, India. But much more than that, I consider myself a traveler, an earth child, a cat cuddler, a happy and social introvert, a tea drinker, a big hearted, open minded and in some way weirdo. I believe in authenticity, imperfection and forgiveness, love and courage, passion and yearning and have a weakness for people who follow their own path away from what others think they have to do.

Little about me!

  • A full time food hogger
  • I wish to travel the world one day
  • I've had the same best friend since I was 10yrs old, regardless of the 8000 miles distance we talk almost everyday!
  • Being the elder one I am more organised and responsible
  • Sarcasm comes to me naturally(but I am a sweet me!)

I love my Job

I have the best job in the world! I love getting to know people, learning their stories and being trusted to document their lives in photographs that will last a lifetime.

I don't like to pose much. I am better behind the camera and get awkward in front of the camera.

I am no make-up(okay maybe a little mascara), hair in pony-tail, just because it's easy kind-of-a girl. I dont like it when too attention is on me.

Every wedding is unique and I have been fortunate enough to photograph all types ceremonies and celebrations in the past 4 years. My goal is to create photos in a photojournalistic and unobtrusive way to help you to remember the day as it really happened. No overly staged moments, awkward poses, or over-the-top props - just you and all the realness of your day. No matter if you are having a huge lavish party or an intimate gathering, you can rest assured knowing that your pictures will look true to your memories. I would be happy to photograph you too and to make you happy with the photos! Because photos are memories - and what is more beautiful than memories?

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